Unicorn Rush, a fun endless running game for Windows Phone

By | July 28, 2014
unioncorn rush

The Unicorn Rush is a fun endless runner styled game now available for Windows Phone users. The game is available free in the Windows phone eco-system.

The Unicorn Rush has a story, in which the riot occurring at the Kingdom’s border and as soldiers are dispatched to deal with the riot, the evil Duke Hogan has snuck into the Kingdom’s Capital and captured the King and Princess.  Now you play the role of one of the King’s Knights who will have to rush back to the Capital and defeat the evil Duke. The ride has back to the capital isn’t a gingerly stroll in the park with a wide range of obstacles, traps and monsters to overcome.


This game has 100+ levels, which become tougher after crossing each level. It has nice graphics with an  interesting gameplay. First time when you launch the Unicorn Rush game, you will find that you through the first few levels of play in tutorial fashion. You will also get  lessons  about game controls, game dangers, how to equip your horse, etc. Once you have completed the tutorials, then Unicorn Rush will send you to the game’s main menu. If you want to download this game, then click here!

Features of Unicorn Rush 

  • The Game’s Store where you can buy power-ups, new horses to race, new scenes for your stable or sell some of the gear you no longer need.
  • The equipment menu where you can fit your horse with the gear you collect or earn during game play. The gear you use will increase your horse’s abilities.
  • Access to the game’s network, which includes your online Leaderboard, daily gifts, any sales in the store and any gaming notices.
  • The grooming or dress shop where you can customize the color of your horse, change the main style, wing style and change your riding style.
  • Access to the game’s settings that cover sound/music on or off, changing your player name, sharing the game via email, visiting the game’s Facebook page and view the About page.