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By | January 27, 2015

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Unicom makes workshops work for you. Yes we are right; Unicom Learning is one of India’s fastest growing companies in knowledge segment in India. Founded in 2009 Unicom makes workshops work for you. This is due to the fact that business is changing due to adaptation of latest technologies and management styles of date. Executives have limited time to update their skills with the latest technology.

Unicom Learning was founded by Naveen Nitesh and Prof. Gautam Mitra in 2009. They started addressing the gaps in updating skills of executives amidst their busy schedule.

Naveen Nitesh holds Bachelor of Engineering from VTU, Karnataka and PGPEX (Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives) from Kolkata. He started his career in financial services industry worked with ANZ Bank as systems analyst. Later he moved to Tesco Retail as Tech Lead worked in Bengaluru and Los Angeles. To excel in teaching world, he desired and completed one year programme in IIM, Calcutta. Naveen re-entered IBM as Senior Strategy and Sales Consultant.


This was his turning point in life, his vision to cater the training needs of many companies in several areas. As said earlier, many executives and subject matter experts literally does not find time to upgrade themselves. Nitesh interacted with several industry experts and professionals from other countries on knowledge sharing at the time of incorporation of Unicom Learning.

Unicom Learning has list of professors and teachers who are excelled in field of teaching. Gautam Mitra, Chairman and Co Founder of the company is known for Mathematical Programming modelling, operational research, computational optimization and several other areas. Gautam Mitra is emeritus professor of Brunei University. Gautam Mitra funded the company also.

Naveen Nitesh and Gautam Mitra are joined by Sanat Kumar Mukherjee and Amitabha Roy Chaudhuri as Directors of Unicom Learning. Sanat Kumar Mukherjee graduated honors in physics from Calcutta University and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University. He has held several senior positions in Indian steel industry. Amitabha Roy Chaudhuri has received recognition as ‘Eminent Engineers’ was director of Damodar Valley Corporation and West Bengal State Electricity Board. He is Fellow of Institution of Engineers (FIE).


The company has tied up with several partners at Global and Strategic level. Europartnership, Objectbay and radtac are global partners of Unicom Learning. While Tech Mahindra, Oxyent, Mahindra Satyam, Deloitte, KPMG, RBCS, Scrum Alliance and Spin London are strategic partners for the company. Unicom Learning has tied up with Cloud Power, Sianti India, and QA Agility Technologies for marketing.

The list of trainers in Unicom Learning is growing every day. The company has Himadri Bhattacharya, Ashok Banerjee, Raghavan Solium, John Thirwell, Peter Bonisch, Rahul Verma, James Creelman and Dr.Garyvan Vuuren to name a few. Each of the trainers has excelled in various fields ranging from testing, big data, Hadoop, PL/SQL and risk management.

The company has conducted more than 150 knowledge seminars or forums in several places across globe. Each of these seminars receives more than 10,000 participants, will get trained and provide deep insights on latest technological domains like Big Data, Hadoop, Cloud Computing, Internet of all things etc.,


Unicom Learning and Research Division identifies new and emerging verticals with industry demand to conduct Olympiads, Seminars and Knowledge Forums.

Unicom Learning is conducting Analytics Olympiad 2015 this year too. A total of 767 teams and 42 Institutes have registered for the contest. Technology companies like IBM, HP and KPMG are sponsoring this event. The winner of the contest will get cash prize, a paid trip to represent India at Asia’s premier technology event organised by Unicom – Technoconf, Singapore on 11th March 2015.

Unicom’s Nitesh will provide some more insights on accelerating Hadoop Query Processing Using Apache, Big Data Analytics using Apache Graph, Business Analytics and its application in Supply Chain Management, Performance Engineering of the Enterprise applications Big Data and Mobile, Testing data with Big Data Analytics and much more.

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