Unfriending your Facebook Friend can be called as Bullying in Australia



Recently, we told you that Facebook has been working on a “dislike” button that was developed to show grief for some particular event or towards the loved once.

Now if you are planning to unfriend any person after having argument or fight with them, you may want to think about your action if your coworkers are involved before you take the steps. This is not for everyone, but at least if you are in Australia, you need to think twice before you are going to unfriend any of your coworkers from Facebook.

The Fair Work commission of Australia said that the decision to unfriend any of coworkers by administrator on Facebook has evidence of bullying. However this is not the only example for bullying as it had lots of name calling and neglecting purposely, that helps to tell the lack of emotional maturity that was involved with the harassment.

It is reality that we have to work with some of the people, whom we don’t like. This is not one sided, as they don’t like us as well, but the new rule in Australia is going to be proved pretty difficult and annoying as well. But if you work in Australia and want a solution for these kinds of problems, I would suggest you to not use make your coworkers or staff friends on Facebook. This is the safest bet and pretty convenient also.