Unclouded let you manage your Dropbox and Google Drive Space

By | August 7, 2014

Cloud Storage services are playing key role in storing the data securely. There are so many popular Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, One Drive, Mediafire and more. Managing your cloud storage space on Windows or Mac is an easy task, because the platforms features the lots of third party disk usage utilities and management tools which will do all sorts of things to keep your storage usage in check.


Managing the dropbox on the go is very difficult, because cloud storage doesn’t sync directly on to your device. For this you need an app which can hook directly into your Dropbox account and analyze the contents on the storage remotely. Of course there are so many apps which can handle this, but Unclouded is probably the best one.

It looks very attractive and filled with fun animations and a modern and clean UI, and it is the good looking cloud storage management app which works with Google Drive and Dropbox. You need to just connect your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts and it take care of the remaining things with respective storage service’s public APIs allow.

It can detect the duplicate files provided the previews of the images, audio and movies and lets you to display the cloud’s largest files or the folder for the easy management and cleanup. It will show up the files which takes the most space on the cloud storage by file type and display the lists of the files by the time when they are modified last.

This app is available in both free and premium versions, where it function in read-only mode unless you upgrade it to the premium version. The premium version will cost you $1.99 and the premium version supports the functionalities like renaming, moving, uploading, deleting, native sharing and creating the folders.

Download Unclouded for Android

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