UK Safari users rejoice over the court decision to sue Google over Cookies


The UK user of the Safari browser (available only to Apple devices) can now legally sue Google for its ‘cookies.’

Google can be sued

A small group of members called Safari Users Against Google’s Secret Tracking claimed Google was breaching Apple’s privacy settings for the browser and installed ‘cookies’ that tracked their internet activity to target them with personalized advertisement.

Three appeal judges dismissed Google’s appeal over a High Court ruling against it, and claimed it can bring damages over allegations of exploitation of private information. While the group who sued cheer the ruling, Google is not very happy with the court’s decision.

The group of Safari users lodged their complaint about the ‘clandestine’ tracking of their internet use between summer 2011 and early 2012. The group claims that Google gathered users’ private information without their knowledge using ‘cookies’, which is the text saved on computers and other devices through browser to classify the user to Google. The data gathered consists of surfing habits, social class, race and ethnicity.

Previously, the court rejected an attempt to block litigation by Google and on Friday, the three judged upheld the decision. Google even tried to prove it wrong by referring that no financial harm was suffered by the consumers.

However, it was ruled by the Court of Appeal stating “These claims raise serious issues which merit a trial. They concern what is alleged to have been the secret and blanket tracking and collation of information, often of an extremely private nature and associated with the claimants’ internet use, and the subsequent use of that information for about nine months. The case relates to the anxiety and distress this intrusion upon autonomy has caused.”

The users are very happy with the decision of the court as for now onward they have the right to take the tech giant to court in case of any unacceptable, immoral and unjust actions.