UCWeb Launched UC Open Platform for Developers and Publishers

By | September 26, 2014
UC Open platform

The UCWeb Inc. UCWeb ), is an Alibaba Group company,  which is mainly famous for its leading provider of mobile internet software and services. Today the UC Web has launched the “UC Open Platform” for mobile developers and publishers in the GMIC (Global Mobile Internet Conference) which held in Bangalore, India.


The UC Open Platform mainly consists the UC Browser, with 9 Apps and 9 Game distribution platforms and also had the UC mobile traffic network. For the this platform the company providers are mobile developers, content providers, publishers, advertisers and many more. With this platform, they can able to access across the board services which mainly them for the brand promotion, user/traffic acquisition, actionable user metric analysis with IP protection and monetization.

At the unveiling the platform event the Kenny Ye Managing Director of UCWeb, India has said that

[quote]“The UC Open Platform is expected to allow developers, publishers and advertisers to reach more global users and get more quality traffic faster. Whether you are a developer needing more distribution or a publisher seeking more high-quality traffic, we can tailor the best fit solution for you. With the UC Open Platform, we are not only sharing our experience and resources with the community, we are making the market a bigger pie for everyone.”[/quote]

UC Open platform

The UC Open Platform will offer boost to the Indian mobile Internet eco-system. India is the third largest Smartphone market in the world after China and US. According some of the market research firm Strategy Analytics – the Indian market is still experiencing fast-paced growth. Some of the report is also claimed that the India was the highest growing market in the Asia Pacific region with 186 % on a year Smartphone shipment growth, is only observed in the first quarter of the year.

But the growth of mobile Internet eco-system is in very critical situation to satisfying Indian users’ increasing demand for more and better apps, games and web content. The Indian developers are facing the competition from fellow developers around the world, but they also need more effective channels for distribution and monetization. So at here the UC Open Platform will help them. The UCWeb has always had an aimed to understand the local market and create an ecosystem which can help the developers figure out the useful to overcome obstacles to their growth.

GMIC event bangalore

The UC Open Platform is more than the series of platform and networks. The Platform offered the detailed data analysis on multiple dimensions, including  the active users, user retention, payment and others,  it also helps  the developers accurately analyze user behavior patterns and noted down all the opportunities for enhancing the quality and monetization capability of their products. The platform also offered the mobile developers with localized mobile payment and advertising solutions which is coming with the unified and customizable mobile payment solution  and that is supporting bank cards, carrier billing and other payment methods.