Ubisoft acquires the developer of The Crew, Ivory Tower


Ubisoft has acquired Ivory Tower, the studio that developed The Crew. Ubisoft has officially confirmed that the Lyon, France-based team, popular for its racing game, is now “officially part of the Ubisoft family.”


Founded in 2007 by ex-Eden Games members Ahmed Boukhefila, Stephane Beley, Emmanuel Qualid. With Eden’s experience in the racing genre Ivory Tower made its debut with The Crew. Ivory Tower were assisted by fellow Ubisoft driving specialists, Reflections while working on The Crew.

Ahmed Boukhelifa managing director of Ivory Tower said, “We have always enjoyed a very positive relationship with Ubisoft. Working together on The Crew, and celebrating its success, made us both understand that we have huge potential in continuing to work together in the future.” He also added, “By joining Ubisoft, the team at Ivory Tower will continue to benefit from Ubisoft’s infrastructure, support, tools, technology and vision. In return, we will contribute our own expertise to the broader Ubisoft story.”

Also, The Crew has now reached 3 million players, though it is unclear how many copies of the game have been sold. Further to the acquisition, Ivory Tower will continue to support The Crew through future updates, including the Wild Run expansion which will be available from November 17, although a closed beta will be available on PC sometime this month.