Uber to accept cash payments in India real soon


One of most known cab services, Uber will now accept cash payments in India. Uber was testing this feature in Hyderabad, India from the second week of may and now seems like they have seen positives in it. Drivers of Uber in other cities of India are getting instructions about the cash payment system.


Uber, though not the biggest, but the esteemed company in India is having a giant competitor as Ola cabs which is having a larger base and wider network. Recently Uber started expanding and reached a total of 18 cities in India and they also added Credit card as a payment method for those who were having credit cards issued inside India.

Earlier, from almost last one year, Uber was accepting payments via virtual Wallet PayTM. That use to be the only payment method for Indian riders while foreign visitors to India were able to use their International card issued outside of India. This “wallet only” mode of payment sometimes turns a bit tedious when one was having no amount in PayTM wallet but was carrying cash. In all such situation he was opting for other cabs including Ola which accept cash.

Though there is no official announcements from Uber in this regard but our team members from various cities got such reports and some even spotted drivers reading training notes issued to them in this regard. Also this payment system as of now seem to be limited in India only and no such follow ups are there that suggest implementation of this method in any other country.