Uber tests Corner Store for local delivery in D.C


What is Uber? Uber is a dabbling with eCommerce with a test offering called Corner store in Washington D.C, Where you can order any thing like diapers, toothpaste allergy medicine and many thing more than 100 items via its application and then this can be delivered by the Uber drivers.


We can say this is an experiment which is in initial stage, and this application is slated to last a few weeks, but the more you love it, the more likely it will last, According to the company this new thing is available only in the Washington D.C due to initial stage. In order to toggle to the Corner Store option on Uber’s app. If a driver is available, you will receive a text message with a link to the items available for purchase.

There will be no fee for delivery. If this became success definitely Uber will expand this service in new areas, even Uber recently tested bicycle courier service which is called as Rush and also they tested pedestrian service too. Whether or not Corner Store gets to the point where it can properly compete with Amazon Fresh or Google Shopping Express is another question altogether.

Similar to this Google has also started expanded Google shopping express with delivery on the same day in Los Angles as well as New York  in the month of May. Previously this service was available in San Francisco. Amazon also started this same day delivery this year which was huge success. Stay tune for more information