Uber stops service in Nevada after legal hindrance

By | November 28, 2014


Following the court’s jurisdiction, Uber stops service in Nevada, a move the company has said that it would costs 1,000 jobs. This move has came late on Wednesday. According to Reuters, “after a Nevada judge handled down the preliminary injunction which blocked Uber from continuing its statewide operators. This case against Uber was lodged by State of Nevada.

According to the Los Vegas Review Journal, Nevada regulators have argued that the state laws regarding the transportation business that is applied to Uber and the justice has agreed in issuing the admonition.However, Uber which has been in negotiations with state has argued that it was not in transportation business and those regulations doesn’t apply to it.

Reuters spokeswoman Eva Behrend has said in a statement that, “It is unfortunate that Nevada is the first state in nation to temporarily suspend Uber”. Uber has said that decision would cost 1.000 jobs in short term, but Uber officials has said that they would continue to negotiate with the state regulators to resume the service.

“We remain committed to working with the Nevada’s leaders to create the permanent regulatory framework which affords Nevadans the flexibility and innovation provided by Offer”.

Uber is rallying its supporters to sign the petition calling the Nevada’s attorney general and governor to change the law to let the ride-sharing in state after lakhs of people took rides in the recent weeks and even though it doesn’t pickup the passengers on Los Vegas’ airport. Only 18,000 people have signed this petition.

Uber is operating in over 130 cities across North America but still faces the regulatory battles on many fronts. Last week, Toronto has also said it would seek an admonition against the Uber, saying its ride sharing service – which lets anyone with car and good driving record to use the app and pick the passengers.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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