Uber may outnumber Yellow Cabs in cars but not in rides


Yellow taxis are one of the thing that strikes everyone’s mind when we thing about transportation in New York. But it seems like the image may change. New York City’s yellow cabs are taking the rear seat to black cars. According to New Taxi and Limousine Commission data, Uber cars are outnumbering the yellow cabs on street of NYC with 14,088 black and luxury vehicles while the yellow taxis are 13,587.

uber cabs

It is not all that complicated to see the reason behind the quick growth in the number since its arrival in 2011. Uber drivers are flexible and can earn more in the right circumstances and fixed schedules or complicated licensing or cheap stakes who do not pay, do not worry them. Also Uber has become the favorite for the tech-savy customers who are more comfortable taking rides through an app that show where the car is.

“I absolutely do love the convenience, and if it’s not surge pricing I find the costs very comparable and in some cases cheaper than yellow taxis,” said Kerry Farrell, a paralegal who uses Uber about three times a week.

However, this news has not thrilled the city officials, who are worried that Uber deprives them of tax revenue without the medallion licenses and taking many regulations for granted. Also, this news does not mean the yellow cabs are out of favors. As a matter of fact, more than 440000 yellow cab rides take place a day while Uber rides are just 20,000 to 30,000 per day. This is because, Uber Drivers mostly have their own cabs and work less than 40 hours a week, whereas the yellow cab drivers have more than one driver and are constantly close to road always.