Uber testing experimental cars in Pittsburgh


Uber has been a name known for working out of the box with the technology. In the latest update, the Pittsburgh Business Times has reported that Uber has started to test the experimental without-driver cars on the roads of Pittsburgh.

Uber had teamed up with Carnegie Mellon scientists in 2014 to test a few technologies and one of them was the self-driving cars. The car which was spotted by the newspaper did have the label as “Uber Advanced Technologies Center”.


The ride sharing company believes that by introducing these self driving cars, they will be able to offer better services at cheaper prices. Recently, Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick said, the cost of taking a car ride for everytime you need it, can be lesser than owning a car if you remove drivers from the picture and now it seems that the company has been working in the same direction to provide better and affordable riding options to the costumers.

The spotted car can just be a prototype of the self-driving cars which the company said to have been developing. However, a spokesperson from the company was easy to be accessed and according to her, it was a part of the “early research effort regarding mapping, safety and autonomy systems.” That means the buzz around Uber self driving cars is about to get over as the company is almost ending the development phase to enter in testing stage.

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