Uber expanding carpooling service to New York



United States popular ride sharing app, Uber expanding carpooling service to NewYork this week and it is aiming to offer the cab rides cheaper for the locals. UberPool was initially launched in San Francisco in August. This new service Uberpool is similar to the company’s UberX, which is the cheaper alternative to the Uber’s black car service. UberPool service allows the riders to save the money by sharing the cost of the ride among the passengers.

Kimiko Ninomiya, Uber’s Senior Marketing manager stated in a blog post on Tuesday, that many uberX trips in the New York City have “lookalike” trips happening around same time as another one. Most of these rides transport just one or two people. leaving two or three seats empty. He also added that, claiming that the riders can save up to 50% on their fare using the Uber’s carpool service. Ninomiva also claimed that UberPool service helps the environment by keeping the fewer cars on road.

Below figure is the estimate for an Uber ride from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to East village in Manahattan, which is just about 15 minute drive without traffic. By Uber’s estimation, one fully utilized UberPool car would be equivalent to eight other cars. Uber hypothesized that UberPool could replace almost 1 million cars in New York City.

Uber will begin rolling out the new UberPool feature for the New York users for the iOS users on Thursday and for the Android devices on coming week. Notable things here is, this new feature comes a week after its rival Lyft introduced a twist on its Lyft line carpooling service which allows the drivers sign up to earn money on the daily trips by taking on passengers.

This entry also follows the horrible couple of weeks for Uber, during which the BuzzFeed report detailed the debatable plan of the Uber’s senior vice president of business. The new UberPool introduction in the New York city gives the Uber a chance to divert the subject.