Twitter’s Instant Timeline feature expected to attract new users

By | February 5, 2015
Twitter's instant timeline

Twitter has been reported testing its improved version of sign-in process that automatically connects the new users’ instant timeline with tweets soon after they have created an account.

Twitter's instant timeline

Twitter can be a useful informational service for people who assemble a good mix of people, companies, business and other accounts to follow. But for new users, sign-up process could be simple but finding out whom to follow could be complicated.

However, with Twitter’s instant timeline, the new users do not have to follow anyone to get started. Twitter automatically looks for the topics the contacts are interested in and whom they would want to follow and displays the array of tweets in the user’s feed. So if a person’s contacts are really into swimming, tweets about swimming will show up from the get-go.

Twitter's new timeline

Along with it, Twitter features tutorials for direct messaging which can be slightly tricky for new users. As far the algorithm is concerned, it is fairly accurate report suggests. The site seems to be testing the feature by being available for some users who signed up on Android phones last week, adds the report.

It has to be noted that Twitter does not intend to replace the traditional follow-another user method with this instant timeline. According to NYT’s Vindu Goel, who had the chance to check out the feature, the instant timeline feature frequently reminds users to follow other people and take up built-in tutorials.

Twitter intends its instant timeline feature to go public in few months provided the initial testing goes successful.

Twitter, with its hunger for growth, is trying means to attract new users and make it simple for them to find value in the services. Instant timeline or not, it is high-time Twitter gets its user engagement strategy right. WhatsApp, Instagram have already overtaken Twitter in terms of users, usage and growth. With the new feature, Twitter is once again hoping to increase engagement of the site, as investors are not happy with the site’s growth rate. Whether or not the timeline feature will work, can be assessed only on how quickly the feature is rolled out to the users globally.