Twitter updated its app for windows 10

By | July 28, 2015


Twitter is working on an app for Windows 10 for quite some time, so before the Windows 10 release, some screen shot of the app is available at Windows store. The new looks is quite impressive and it also suits Windows 10 new theme. Since the inception of Twitter for Windows 8, there has not been any updates, as the design and the features of the app has been same. So it seems like the new app for Windows 10 will be launched soon.

This new updated Twitter app comes with new look and feel as well as some new features. From looking at the screen shot, it appears more in line to complement the new Windows theme. This app also features inline images and videos option in both private messages and Timeline. This app will not have Discover option, which was on the left hand navigation in the Windows 8 version, but this button has been replaced by a new buttons to search and messages. It also features a new refresh button with a new tweet option. On the top of left hand side navigation bar, it has a Home, Notification, Messages, Search and Me button, whereas at the bottom it has New Tweet and refresh button. It is not clear, when this app will be launched,