Twitter tracking the apps on your phone



Twitter, in the latest effort to improve its ads targeting, it will start collecting information from the apps what users have downloaded. Twitter will now know if you are in the Pandora camp instead of Spotify camp. If you harbor a affinity for the celebrity gossip with both Perez Hilton and TMZ app in your list, and what are the health apps you are using, it can now track everything.

Twitter says that it is using the information of your app to benefit you, by improving the recommendation engines on other Twitter accounts which you should follow. It has been mentioned in the Twitter Analyst call that, an “instant timeline” for the new users is also on its way. Using the information on what apps any person has downloaded could help the Twitter build that.

Another purpose, which is not mentioned by Twitter on its blog, is the holy grail of the free consumer web companies, Ad targeting. So, Twitter needs much information possible to woo the advertisers on mobile. What the apps the user using is more fuel.

Not only Twitter is doing this, other apps are able to ping Android and iOS systems to get the similar information and Facebook tracks the user mobile apps through the network of companies using its SDK. Twitter’s app tracking is opt-out which means that unless you tell Twitter not to track your apps in your phone’s settings, it will. The latest update including this feature will roll out today for iOS and next week for Android platform.