Twitter to rollout new profile design for everyone

By | May 7, 2014

As announced earlier the new profile UI for twitter of all new users and few existing users last month. According to the new announcement from the official tweet post, beginning on 28th of May every Twitter users will get the new profile design. No matter you are liking or not, you have to opt for it, it won’t even ask for you to grab the the new UI.


Here is the tweet posted by Twitter :

It is unfair how many users presently have the new profile, which offers bigger profile and header pictures, new timeline view and the also allows to pin a tweet at the top of the profile page. As of now there is no words from twitter for those who are not liking this new UI at all. See what people are actually thinking about this new design:

The biggest purpose of conflict gives off an impression of being the new profile’s similar to Facebook. Many users don’t like the Facebook look, or favor that Twitter distinguish between both the services even clearly. Both profiles offers a bigger, square profile picture, cover image, and the ability to Like or follow.