Twitter starts bringing ads to its Moments feature



Twitter announced earlier this month that it is going to add a new feature called Moments, which is a stream of curated contents of ads and news. It looks like Twitter is ready to monetizing its Moment features, which was launched earlier this month.

Twitter will start leasing one channel of its Moments feature for 24 hours for advertisement, which will allow advertiser to publish and curate tweets and video contents. An editorial team of Twitter curates the Moments feed by using the company’s analytics, which pull out the most popular topics or tweets about TV shows, news, events and movies.

Currently, this feature is free of ads, which is called “Promoted post” by Twitter, but it is going to change in two weeks. Twitter explained it in a blog post, saying that the Promoted ads will be added to the Moments Feature starting this Sunday.

These ads will look like normal posts, but will have a “Promoted” badge and it will also appear for 24 hours only. The advertisers can add images and videos to this kind of posts. Twitter says that this is “first step in exploring how brands could integrate into Moments.”

The Rocky reboot film, Creed will be the first advertisers, who is going to take advantage of this Promoted Moments features and in coming weeks, you can see some more ads from different range of advertisers.