Twitter to roll out Direct Message notification on web

By | August 25, 2015


Twitter is one of the most popular social networking site, but it looks like it is trying to become a prominent message service provider. Direct Message feature of Twitter is going to be more useful from today. The social networking giant is going to launch Direct Message Notification for web. The feature would be available to all by the end of the week. when you have opened your twitter account in a tab in the browser, then due to this feature, you will get a get a notification on the top right corner of the your desktop whenever you get a Direct Message.

Twitter is trying pretty hard to make its DM feature a solid and powerful messaging service and give competition to some other popular messaging service provider like Facebook and WhatsApp. The company has been doing some changes to make its possible like recently it has removed the 14 character limit from DM (Direct Message), and along with this, the company has also added group messaging features in January.

This means that Twitter is trying to make its DM features simple and easy to use, so that it can attract more and more people for its messaging service. Day by day company is trying to improve its DM feature and also trying to find a way to get more and more people to use it.