Twitter releases new profile UI for Web


A new profile UI for Web version to all twitter users has been released. The social media giant showed the new look couple of weeks back, and in the intervening weeks has been rolling it out to select users of the service. Earlier it was limited to only few users or new users who were creative their new profile in twitter.

But now this new look if available for all. Not only UI, many other new features have been introduced with it which you will get to know only after getting it.


If you’re the excited enough and want to see it up and running for your feed right now, you just click on the link and hit the button labeled Get it now.

New options included is best tweets‘ where posts that have gotten the most engagement will look marginally bigger, making it more straightforward for others to discover your best content; ‘stuck tweet‘ that allows you to stick one of your most loved tweets up front for guests too, as Twitter puts it, “see what you are about”; and ‘sifted tweets‘ that gives you a chance to pick which timeline to take a look at when exploring the profiles of other Twitter users.

Don’t forget to comment below how you are liking this new Twitter UI with these new enhancement to use it in a familiar way. I got my new twitter UI what about yours??