Twitter planning to extend the 140 characters limt



Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites, but there has been always concern about its 140 characters limit. Sometimes, user finds it difficult to express their feeling in just 140 characters. It looks like Twitter has also realized it and the company is planning to axe the 140 characters limit option.

According to a report of Re/code, the tech giant is working on a new product that will allow users to express their feelings beyond the current limit option. The report also suggests that the twitter will let user post the longer than 140 characters tweet.

Still there is no other information about this development, we also don’t know that how will the new service look like or this will come as new feature to the existing twitter or it will be a new product. The 140 characters limit has been the trademark for Twitter since its inception. Many people have criticized Twitter’s this move many times.

The report also suggests that the company is also discussing the idea that how Twitter measures the 140 characters limit by eliminating the links and user handlers from the count. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and interim CEO of Twitter is working on the project reportedly called “140 plus”.

Still we need answers to some basic questions like by how much the limit will be extended. Increasing the character limit may also help twitter in growing or gaining more users. Currently we don’t have much information about this new development; we’ll update more once we get more details.