Twitter Contest – Best ideas & examples for successful campaign


Twitter has seen a sudden increase in the number of contests being held by various brands and small companies. Over a period of time, the increase comes due to various reasons. Twitter has established itself as a better alternative to all other social networks which can be used to host a contest by a brand or a group of individuals. One of the main reasons behind that popularity of Twitter is the short and sweet way of conversation.


Twitter does allow only up to 140 characters to ask/reply to anything. This saves a lot of bandwidth, efforts and time as compared to other social networks and brands get better response quickly and in lesser efforts.

There are various companies trying to use Twitter for brand promotion, one of the ways to promote a brand is to hold a contest where the users will come and engage, giving a number of interaction and followers to the twitter account of a particular brand.

If you are associated with one such brand and looking to hold a contest, then this post might be useful for you, There are various ways in which you can host a contest on twitter to engage your followers and get some more, but in this post, I have listed the most innovative and successful ideas for successful twitter contests.Improve Brand Reputation with Twitter Contests

Best ideas for hosting Twitter contests

1. Asking for suggestion

One of the best ways to engage your followers is to ask them for a suggestion to make the brand better. The thing which can profit you the most is to ask for suggestions from your followers about the things which can be done better in order to provide them a better experience.

Followers love engaging with their favorite brand and depending upon the scale of the campaign, you can collect a lot of genuine suggestion from your fans and at the same time, you can increase the number of followers, brand presence and the engagement.

2. Creative reply to a question

Another good way to engage the followers is to ask a random question and ask them to send a reply, as creative as they can. Asking for a creative reply for a random question gets so many random people participate in the contest and they end up following the brand to engage in the future activities by the same brand.

This is a good way to get even those customers who are not engaged with your brand, the people who do not have a slightest of the ideas about your brand and the products. All it does it to make people think and show their creativity to promote your hashtag and your brand is an ultimate winner.

3. RT to win (Most Retweets)

RT to win is one of the best ideas of running a twitter campaign. This idea has been popular ever since people started running contests on twitter. This way, gives your followers a random chance to win just by re-tweeting a status update by you. Upon knowing that, the message which a brand wants to spread does get shared by numerous times and you reach out to the followers of every single person who has retweeted your status update.

While writing the rules of contest, you can even include a rule which asks people to retweet your update and then to ask their followers to get the tweets retweeted. That way, the coverage gets multiplied by numerous times and the brand gets most amount of awareness. This might not get you a lot of followers, but you get a lot of brand mentions and engagements and believe me, that is what a brand needs the most.

4. A series of questions

This is yet another idea of having a twitter contest. Have a list of the questions and asking them after a specific period of time like an hour, a day or a week.

This keeps the users active on your brand’s twitter page while they are waiting for the next questions. The questions can be based on any random stuff or about the brand itself. This is another proven strategy which makes sure that the awareness by the campaign is the most along with the increase in brand presence.

These were some of the most innovative twitter contest ideas, however, when you are hosting a twitter contest, there are a few things which you need to keep in mind, some of those things are mentioned below

  • In whichever way you host the contest, always make sure to ask people to follow you in order to validate their entry. Along with the increase in number of followers, this thing makes them aware about the brand as most of them end up visiting the brand profile to follow.
  • Always encourage the participants to invite their friends to participate in the contest. This thing lets you use the popularity of your participants along with your own popularity, resulting in a lot of entries and followers.
  • Ask the participants to mention the brand username and a pre-decided hashtag when they are engaging in the contest. It might be when they are replying to a question, inviting their followers or while retweeting the status update of a brand. This helps in a better brand coverage and awareness.
  • Always have a watch on the way your participants are engaging. If the price to be given away is something good, then most of the participants end up using some unethical practices to make sure that they win, this vanishes the hard work done by various other participants n order to make their efforts to win the contest and the price. Mention this in the rules well in advance, so that you do not create any misunderstanding in the minds of your participants.

These were some of the ideas as well as some of the normal other things you need to keep in mind. Let me know if you have any other suggestions or queries and I will try my level best to solve them out for you.