Twitter bots trying to silence the Mexican activists



Twitter is a very popular social media platform without any doubt, so it is also feasible for the activist to use twitter to make his statement heard to a wide range of people and they can also chat with their supporters, basically activist can also use Twitter for various purpose. But it looks like the effort to demolish the Mexican anti corruption and anti violence protests by social network giant has been growing. According to a report of, it is noticed by a journalist that the twitter robots are endorsing the counter protests messages instead of Mexican activist’s posts, which have death threats. This has been going on since 2012, but from September 2014 it has picked up, as disappearance of 43 students created an outrage.

It is still unclear that who is behind this, but due to focus on the anti-government it looks like the administration of Peña Nieto is trying to silence the critics. It is going to be difficult to get over this as Twitter only deal with the pro government abuse based on the report of the people, reports Engadget.