Twitter Acquires Mitro Labs, a Password Management Startup

By | August 1, 2014
Mitro Joined Twitter

Mitro Joined TwitterTwitter Acquires Mitro Labs

Twitter has bought a password security startup named Mitro Labs. The disclosure was made on Thursday along with the password manager product’s changeover to the open-source platform.

[quote]We’re excited to announce that the Mitro team is joining Twitter’s location team in New York, focusing on a variety of geo-related projects!,[/quote] – said Mitro on website.

While there is no official statement made by Twitter as of now the fiscal details of the acquisition, the Twitter development team did reply to the tweet by writing “Welcome to the flock” on the announcement tweet posted by Mitro.


Mitro Labs is best known as the developer of a password manager that works as a browser extension. It is designed for users to share or control passwords from one account. The firm was founded back in 2012 by former Google employee Adam Hilss, and had been supported by Matrix Partners and Google Ventures.

On the main page, the firm stated that its product will be an open-source, community-run project with support from the Electronic Frontier Foundation that it beliefs will continue efforts, while the team of Metro itself will join the Twitter.

Also Mitro said that, “As of today, we are announcing all of Mitro’s client and server code under the GPL license on Github. We have been working hard to make a secure, easy-to-use password manager for groups and individuals.”

Earlier of this month, Twitter had stated its plans for acquiring Namo Media, a technology firm perusing in in “native advertising” for mobile gadgets, as well as SnappyTV, a service which allows the editing, clipping, and sharing of video files over a messaging service.