Tweetium app updated with Cortana Support for Windows Phone 8.1

By | August 4, 2014

Recently the Tweetium beta variant third party Twitter app is launched from the Windows Phone 8.1 eco-system And now, they got an update. And in this update the  app adds the first stab in the support for the Cortana (the digital assistant of Windows Phone 8.1 operating system)

The Latest beta version id  now allows all the users who also have Cortana to say “Tweetium tweet” into their  Windows Phone based smartphone, followed by the message, to quickly send their tweet to their Twitter account. The new Build 230 version also  comes with the number of fixes of bugs, which are available in the older variant in the app. This Windows Phone 8.1 beta version is intended to be downloaded and used only by paying owners of Tweetium for Windows 8. You can now also purchase Tweetium Pro from within the app, which enables support for up to 7 accounts, push notifications, TweetMarker sync, and integrated news reading powered by our other app, Newseen. The cost of this Tweetium beta variant app is $2.99, you can buy this app from here!


The latest update brings a number of changes such as :

  • Fixed uploading of OneDrive images on the phone
  • Image files and pasted/shared bitmaps are now more aggressively resized/compressed for upload (scaled to 1000px max dimension, JPEG)
  • Fixed a memory leak when uploading images
  • Fixed a link/entity parsing bug
  • Add a colon to quote tweet format
  • Initial voice commands / Cortana integration
  • Improved to Send Error Logs Function in Advance Setting