Turret Commander : Air combat game for Windows Phone users


The Turret Commander is a fast-paced air combat game for Windows Phone 8 users, which places the users behind the turret gun of a B-17 Flying Fortress. The game is available  free at the app store for Windows phones.

Turret Commander : Air combat game for Windows Phone users

In the gameplay of the Turret Commander, the user’s has a task- with the help of B-17 aircraft users has to defend its area from the enemy aircraft intent on ending your flight early. The Graphics are awesome, and the game play is challenging and comes with an endless gaming mode on top of over twenty mission flights

The Turret Commander’s gameplay is very simple,  in this game the gamer has to shoot down the enemy aircraft before they shoot down the user. In the game screen there is a radar displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. The Enemy planes are attacking in your position are red blips, the planes are pursuing you to attack are yellow blips.


At the top center the user will find his enemy to kill count and game timer with the user’s weapon’s condition  has also displayed in the upper right corner of the Smartphone Screen during the game. The gamer  will need to pace his rate of fire or his machine gun will overheat and he has to maintain the weapons to cool otherwise he will lose the battle from his enemy.  If in the case the weapons are overheated and the gamer has wanted to cool down, which  takes a few seconds, but leaves the gamer in a vulnerable condition for the enemy attack.

The controls of the Turret Commandeer are done by touching  of the left lower quarter of the screen or by  the gamer can tilt sensors for controlling. If the gamer controlled the game by touch, then they will need to swipe at this area to move to his turret and line up its shots. The Tilt controls are more responsive.


The Fire control available in the lower right quarter of the screen. The user can just tap that area to choose its twin guns. The other gaming controls are present on the left side of the screen, where the user has to keep the finger Flying Fortress in the air and a missile launch button on the right in the game. You can download the game from here!

The best features of this game are

  •  Best Aerial FPS game on mobile platform.
  •  More than 20 different missions are available in the game
  •  Endless mode keeps the fight going as long as you can stay in the sky.
  • Four upgradable weapon options.
  • Seven different battle scenarios with unique weather conditions.
  •  Top Secret: Additional package allows you to fight an unknown, futuristic opponent.
  • Touch or tilt controls also in  there in game.
  • Stunning 3D graphics with full Retina support for most resolution.