Turn your smartphones into Lamp with Luma lampshade



Hoping to buy a portable tiny device that can turn your iPhone into a lamp, there is good news for you. Luma has developed a small device that can connect to your smartphone and turn the flashlight of mobile phones into a small lamp. You have to attach this device at the edge of your iPhone to make iPhone’s flashlight into a lamp. This device offers more distributed light in a fun and stylish way.

When you wrap this tiny lampshade onto your iPhone and turn your flashlight on, you will get a soft source of light that looks like a tiny lamp sitting at the top of your phone. The range of light emitted from this lampshade is wider and soft. The company is promoting this lampshade as night light, but it can be used in any dim area. This tiny lamp looks good and can light up your room at any time. You just need your phones flashlight for this funny but cool lampshade.

Luma has created this device by partnering with the Holon Institute of Technology and Israel based Peleg Design. This device from luma measures 5 x 3 x 6.2 cm, which makes it quite small. This lampshade comes in three different colors: red, grey and blue. You can buy this product at the price of $9 from designboom shop.