Turn on car with Google Auto on dashboard

By | December 19, 2014

Turn on car with Google Auto on dashboard


It’s turn of your car for Google Auto, after revolutionizing the mobile phones, Google is preparing ground work for next version of Android built directly in your cars; it allows drivers all the benefit of internet without even plugging their smart phones.

This move is a major step for Google’s current Android Auto software, which runs on the latest version of Android. It requires a phone to be plugged into a compatible car within built screen (a standard feature in high end cars) to access music, maps and other apps.

Google’s plan to directly integrate application into cars ensures drivers use their services every time they turn on the ignition. This move will remove the necessity of using phone to plug into the car. Google will make use of car’s camera, sensors and fuel gauge and internet connections for new cars.


Google has named this project as Android M, may be rolled out in next year. However the definite timeframes has not been made public. Google is in talks several auto majors to integrate this application in the cars.

If successful, Android M will be a standard feature to power car’s navigation and music. Potentially Google will have an access to valuable information collected by the vehicle such as navigation, traffic and weather.

Google’s software like Google Maps connects into fuel gauges, when the car is run out of fuel. It will guide the car to nearest fuel stations. Also it provides GPS position of the car, patterns of the travel such as route taken and roads that has been used and traffic level.


Google may face certain issues when convincing the application in the vehicle. Certain auto majors are reluctant to give the Google such prime spot. They are famous for their own customized software to run the car and its facilities.

Google has signed with auto majors like Hyundai, GM and Nissan Motor Co for its Open Automotive Alliance and its product. Things will be clearer in Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas in January, 2015. Android M may directly challenge Apple Car Play in the market which are right now project the mobile apps on the car’s screen.

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