Tumblr adds Instant Messaging feature for Android, iOS and Web

By | November 12, 2015


Finally Tumblr is ready to make your wish come true with its new instant messaging feature. The company has announced that it is rolling out instant messaging feature for iOS, Android and web version of Tumblr. There is a catch, friends, as this feature won’t roll out for everyone as of now.

The company said that this feature will be available for 1,500 users at first and will reach out to everyone by December. Its plan for wide release of this feature is also pretty interesting, as you can use this IM feature from Tumblr if anyone sends you request you by sending you the message that will eventually activate this feature on your account. So it will take time before this instant messaging feature reaches out to every users and the best part is the server won’t get overwhelmed by the response.

As of now, private and group blog won’t be able to use this feature, whereas everyone else will get access eventually. Anyone can exchange messages with anyone by default, but if you want to exchange message only with your friend, then you can make the changes in the blog settings. Currently, this IM feature is only for text and one-on-one conversation. It will support images, group chat and GIF in near future.

Tumblr doesn’t want to take on Facebook’s messenger and Snapchat with its IM feature. According to the company it is only fulfilling user’s long time requests with this instant messaging feature.