Tumblr adds GIF maker to its iOS app

By | November 18, 2015


As we say a picture worth thousand words, so this definitely means that a GIF worth even more words. So, now it looks like Tumblr has also realized this, as the social networking site is adding GIF features to its iOS app. Tumblr is offering its users a GIF maker that will allow them to make their own GIF.

The micro blogging site is updating its iOS apps that will let you make your own GIFs from videos and photo bursts. You can post and edit those GIFs without facing any problem. Tumblr wrote about this on the official blog post, “IFs are great! But actually making them kinda sucks, today […] any video (or burst!) on your iOS device can be GIFFed, edited, and posted using the Tumblr app.”



The basic requirements of creating GIFs is a video or photo burst saved to the camera rolls and all the required works are done by Tumblr itself. The iOS version of Tumblr app will decide which footage is fit for GIF and it will also change the speed of GIF plays, when it plays in the loop continuously. Users will also get options for cropping and zooming.

Currently, GIF is one of the most popular files across the social media platform, especially for mobile devices. This is very good feature added by Tumblr. Recently, the social media platform had added GIF support, but users needed to use third party app to create GIF files. So this new GIF maker will certainly help users and give them more reason to use Tumblr.

As of now, this GIF maker support is only available for iOS version, but according to the company it will come to Android platform pretty soon.