TROYIS Game available on Google play


Troyis Game is a new Game which is available on Google play, This is a new type of  puzzle game developed for the tablets and  Smartphone which will run on Android. This game looks similar to chess where chess master can play easily when compare to other causal gamers . This is not that much difficult to play, it is easy enough most of the users cam play. Only thing have to play is to concentrate. The aim of this game is to move around the grids in a L shape, as if you do for the horse in the Chess Game. Through out game you need to keep brain clam and focused.



How to play

  • First thing you have to do is Download this Game from Google play and you have to be installed in your smart devices. An icon will appear on your screen.
  • If you click on the Icon the Game will open. Then you can start playing the game Troyis
  • Initially this Game goes with an easy levels, Later it goes with extreme levels. As I said earlier the aim of the game is to move around the grids in a L shape, Similar to the horse in the chess game.
  • The grid which is present in the white color, By using Horse and moving it in a L shape, you need to clear all the grids which is in white color, you have to clear all the white grids with in the time they have provided.
  • In case of failure the game will comes to end.



  • As it is a Puzzle game, It is very attractive and addictive.
  • It is a brain teaser game we can play with challenging.
  • Look vise this game is simple and Good.
  • Clearing the white grids with time makes the user attention.
  • The user Interface is simply fine.
  • Once you get start, you cant stop


  • This game will get difficult towards last level.


Over all the game is nice, which makes the challenging similar to chess. which makes you to play continuously. for the ios operating system all this game is available and the graphics will be good in high resolution display. Finally It is a interesting puzzle game to play.

Click here to Download this game