Travel Planning Startup Inspirock acquired by MakeMyTrip

By | May 19, 2015

Inspirock-Feature-1stTravel Planning Startup Inspirock acquired by MakeMyTrip Ltd. The company has acquired 18% stake in the startup. Inspirock is an online planning tool for developing customizable itineraries.

Inspirock provides detailed day to day plan of attractions that a person can see at various destinations on their personalized itinerary. The plans are completely customizable with options that can be choose on the home page and by adding and deleting recommended attractions and destinations.

The company builds complete itinerary from hundreds and thousands of carefully curated attractions in thousands of destinations across USA and Europe. They use advanced technologies to sift through the large amounts of data to fit the perfect match.


The company was founded in 2012 by Prakash Sikchi and Anoop Goyal. Prakash Sikchi is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Prakash has graduated in Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Gujarat University in 1991 and he did his Master of Science in Computer Science from Stanford University in 1993.

He has several patents filed under his belt in the United States. Patents such as Product synthesis from multiple sources, Rendering an HTML electronic form by applying XSLT to XML using a solution, Structural editing operations for network forms, Installing a solution, System and method for real-time validation of structured data files to name a few.

He started his career in Microsoft in 1993, played several roles in the company from developer to development lead, principal development lead for MS Office suite, Principal Development Manager for SQL Azure, Bing. He had a long stint of 15 years in Microsoft.

Inspirock-Feature-3rdAnoop Goyal is co founder of Inspirock. He has graduated in Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 1991. He did his Master of Science in Computer Science from Stanford University in 1993.

He has won several awards during his college days, Best Engineering Achievement Award, eBay, 1999, Best Computer Science Project Award, IIT Kharagpur, 1991 to name a few. Like Prakash, Anoop too have filed several patents in his name. Most important among them is Method and apparatus for verifying the identity of a participant within an on-line auction environment in 2002. Anoop has authored several books such ‘Importance of formal specification as precise documentation: An application of Anna and its associated toolset’, ‘Anna – A Language for Specifying Ada’, ‘Software Testing using Algebraic Specification Based Test Oracles.’


After completion of studies, Anoop joined Oracle Corporation as Technical Staff in 1993. He developed Oracle author, an applications development environment for creating intelligent forms for interpersonal communication. He worked with Oracle till August 1997. In September 1997, he joined as Senior Consultant in Accenture. He worked with Accenture for 17 months and became Project Lead in eBay; he was responsible for the design, development and project management of eBay’s partnership product with auction houses.

In 2000 Anoop became General Manager in Tavant Technologies. He was instrumental in setting up Tavant’s operations in Bengaluru. Apart he was involved in product development management. After stint of 3.2 years he joined back eBay as Manager, Product development in May 2003.

In eBay he was responsible to define the development process, milestones and exit criteria, quality metrics, roles and responsibilities, communication guidelines, recruitment and training program for the team. Apart from these he managed eBay’s outsourced offshore product development team of 100 people. He worked in eBay till March 2005.

Inspirock-Feature-5thIn July 2005 Anoop joined as Engineering Director, Media and Advertising Services for TiVo Inc. In TiVo he led largest Oracle data warehousing initiative at the time for reporting and analysis of TV viewing habits of the users. The company sells access to online portal to advertisers and TV networks in the name of StopWatch. He worked with TiVo for 3.2 years and became Vice President, systems in Sezmi in October 2008. The company built personalized television viewing experience by combining traditional TV content, movies and internet video in a single easy to use product and service. Sezmi’s services were introduced in 36 US markets and are available in Best Buy and Amazon. Sezmi was acquired by Piksel.

Anoop became Senior Director, Engineering of oDesk in February 2011. The company is the marketplace of employers and freelancers. He build and managed four teams of 25 people across the US and Eastern Europe who were responsible for oDesk online workplace in the cloud. He worked in the company till July 2012 for 18 months.


Inspirock has partnered with travel agents, helps its customers with additional planning necessities like finding hotels, flights, trains, transfers and guides them in foreign locations. MakeMyTrip has acquired the stake in Inspirock through its fund MakeMyTrip’s Innovation Fund formed to invest upto $3 million in startups and early stage companies in travel technology space.

Innovation fund has invested in 3 investments by acquiring minority stake in Bengaluru based travel technology startup Simplotel Technologies for an undisclosed amount in January 2015. The fund has acquired certain assets of, another travel planning startup for an undisclosed amount and the entire team of Mygola has joined MakeMyTrip as part of deal last month.

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