Travel Money Android app : Dynamic app to manage the group expenses

By | May 16, 2014

Generally when you go for a trip along with the friends, anyone in the group will be paying now and then and in the end he dosesn’t know who owes whom. Here comes the solution, Travel Money Android app tracks your expenses and helps you to manage the expenses in the group. It supports the spending statistics and helpful when you are travelling and using different currencies.It tells how much money a person in the group own the money and how much he owes to other people.


  • Ability to share the expenses in the group.
  • Simple interface and easy to use.
  • Supports multiple currencies and ability to convert the exchange rates on the fly.
  • Online Synchronisation.
  • You can customize your own currencies and categories.
  • It shows the payments on the map and tells who spend where.
  • It shows who owes whom.
  • Manage and control the expenses at any time.
  • Shows the expenses for each person, currencies and categories.
  • Export your expenses to Excel file as CSV and obtain the detail statistics through email.
  • Restore/Backup the expense details from SD card.


How it works

  • When you start for a trip, just enter the names who are participating and you can also attach their respective email address and it will be convenient to email later.
  • After adding the names add the amounts who spend for what, for example if you spend for travel expenses then it evenly divides or you can change the ratio also.
  • It also supports multiple currencies and currency conversions. For example if you spend for hotel expenses in London then it will evenly divide and shows in your local currency.
  • Once the data is entered in the app the detailed statistics will be sent as an email to all the group members.

The free version of the app allows to save up to 50 payments per trip. If you want more payments per trip you can get the paid version with unlimited payments without loosing the previous data.

Download Travel Money from Google Play Store.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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