How to Transfer Gmail Messages and Inbox to another Email


Managing email is very boring task and for that only we use more than one email ID to get specified mails on different ID but using excessive mail can get you headache to manage them so if you are looking for the solution to transfer Gmail Messages and Inbox to another Email then this post can help you out.


You can use any email providers to transfer those mails such as,, Google Apps ( or anywhere else. You know, I love Google a lot to provides all the facility that we need no matter what problem you have, just you have to do some Google to find the method to get rid of the solution.

Here also I faced the same issue when I was searching for how to Transfer Gmail Messages and Inbox to another Email and got a guide to do so. Here I am sharing the tutorial to transfer Gmail mails to another. Follow the steps posted below, which I get is pretty simple to follow.

If you are planning to transfer your existing Gmail messages to another email service, you can use a simple Google Script that will auto-forward all your old messages, one by one, to your new email where you want to transfer them.


Steps to to transfer Gmail Messages and Inbox to another Email

  • Click here to copy the Mail Forwarding sheet to your Google Drive (included with old Gmail Address).
  • You’ll see a new Gmail menu in the Google Sheet. Choose Gmail -> Authorize to allow the script to access your Gmail account.
  • Once the script has been authorized, choose Gmail -> Transfer and type your new email address where the old messages are to be auto-forwarded.
  • The sheet which you have just copied to your Google drive will automatically copy all the mails and messages to your new mail account. You don’t need to do anything, just copy and you are done.

Depending on the size of you mailbox it takes time to complete the transferring process. The script will add the label “cloned” to all the mails and messages that have been successfully forwarded. This is required to keep track of messages that have been processed.

Now go to the mail you have transferred the messages and see whether you have got all the old mails or not. Using the above script you can create clone all the mails as many time you can. Share this post if you liked it.