How to Transfer Files between Windows 8 and Windows 7 PC or Laptop

By | July 11, 2014

Suppose if you buy a purchase new laptop with operating system windows 8 and you already have a desktop running on windows 7. There is way to Transfer the files to windows 7 and windows 8 with a feature called Windows Easy Transfer which makes files to Transfer easier. The best way to transfer faster is external USB Hard Drives and cost around 50 dollars for 500 GB files. If you not interested to spend money on this go through this article which explains to How Transfer Files Between Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Steps to be Followed

Initially you have to open the Windows Easy Transfer which is already installed in the system, For the windows XP and Windows Vista users you need to download this software and to be installed in your system. click the below links to downloads.

Windows Easy Transfer For XP

Windows Easy Transfer For Vista

Steps to do on the old PC

  • Click on the Windows Easy Transfer after installation it should open as shown in below picture.


  • Click on the next button to continue the process of files Transferring. Once you click on the next button in the next Window we will see three option to select in that you need to select the External Hard Disk or USB Flash Drive.


  • Now you will be at the screen where Windows Easy Transfer is scanning your Data of the PC, When it has finished it will display the users on the PC and How much Data is possible and expected to be Transfer.


  • If your are transferring in to the windows 8 you cannot Transfer the Settings, To remove the settings options you have to click on the customize option which is situated under every user in the list.


  • After clicking on the customize option, It will takes you to the small screen as shown above.
  • In that small screen you have to remove the check mark of the Windows settings and click on the advance button which at the bottom of the screen.
  • This advance button takes you to the next window, if there is any data and you want to Transfer it you have select the data. If the Box is in white color it means that there is no data in the file. When you are satisfied with your selection then click on the little red X button at the upper right corner of the above screen. Then click on the next button.
  • Now you will see the screen where you will find the password to use on your data file, if you wish to protect file by using password then Enter your password and click on Next button.
  • Now you need to promote a location where you need to save file , you have to double clicked on the drive letter associated with external drive that is plugged into computer, once you double click on the drive click on save button.


  • Windows is saving the selected data in the external drive, It may take few minutes.


  • After Completion of saving file it will automatically Windows Easy Transfer will display and click on the next button to the final instruction screen.
  • Click on the next button and shut down your Old PC , Unplugged the External Drive.

Steps to Follow in New Laptop/PC

  • Open the Windows Easy Transfer and click on the An External Hard disk or USB Flash Drive, which takes you on the next window which ask you  whether you are in new PC or old Pc you have to click yes That is New PC.


  • Make sure about the External Drive is plugged to your PC are Not, Click on the yes button Windows will now open a browse screen and show you all the available drives on your computer. Double-click on the drive where you saved your old data.



  • You should see, as shown in the window above, a file called Windows Easy Transfer – Items from old computer. Left click on this file to select it and then click on the Open button. A new screen will open showing the users data that will be copied to the new Windows 8 computer.


  • Click on the Advance options button, This screen shows you the mapping between old and new users.


  • On the above screen you can specify which account on the new machine the user’s data from the old machine should go. If the account names are same, you should not have to change any changes here.
  • If you click on the Map Drive tab, You can also specify which drive on the new machine the data from the drives on the system should go.When you are satisfied with your settings, click on the Save button.
  • You will be back to screen what files need to transfer, you are able to customize the options similar you have done in the old computer
  • By customize you can select the files to be Transfer, after selecting files click on the Transfer button.


  • After finishing the Transferring files we will see the screen with new options
  • See What was Transferred: When you click on this option, Windows Easy Transfer will display a report of all the data and items that were transferred to your new Windows 8 computer.
  • See the list of applications you want to install on to new PC: Click on this option which display the report applications that were installed on your old PC, You can use this list to determine if you wish to install any of them again on your new computer.

That’s it you are done with the Transferring the files to old PC to New PC click on the close button to close the Windows Easy Transfer software. Now your new PC is ready with the old PC files.