How to Transfer files between 2 computers over a WiFi network

By | June 23, 2014

Sometimes we need to share some files via wi-fi network if there is no other medium to do so. But we have to accept that the USB drive has overridden the need to connect and sharing files between two computers. However, if you are out of any storage device you used to send files than transferring file between 2 computers over a WiFi network could a be a handy one.


You can use Windows to copy files between computers that are connected to the same network. If the computer you want to share the files is also connected to the same WiFi network then easily you can do that, otherwise you need to connect your Computer to the another one using the tutorial given below.

If both computers are not connected to the same network, you will not be able to follow these steps and will have to copy files using some sort of removable media that can be read by both computers.

How to connect a computer to another via WiFi

Follow this tutorial only if you are not connected to any network, if connected then skip to the next one.

  • First of all turn on your WiFi (Make sure that you have installed WiFi drivers on your PC.).
  • Then you need to create a Ad-hoc network to connect to the another computer.
  • Right Click on the WiFi icon at the bottom-right corner and select the option “Open Network and Sharing Center”, there you will see a hyperlink called “Set Up new connection or network”.
  • Scroll right to the bottom and select create a ad-hoc network, follow the instructions and click OK to finish.
  • Now again click on the WiFi network, this you will see the network you have created is showing “waiting for connection”.
  • On another computer turn on the WiFi and see the network is showing or not, if showing then connect to it.
  • Now Right Click on your own created WiFi and select the status option and then properties. Here search for the IPv4 and change the IP address (Ex : Also you need to change the IP of another computer as well using the same guide but IP address should not be same.
  • Wait for a while, your computer will be connected to your own created network.

How to Transfer files between 2 computers over a WiFi network

  • Now the time the time is to share the file or drive or folder you want to send to the another computer connected to the WiFi.
  • To do so, just right-click on the folder, file or Drive and then click on Share With and then Advance Sharing.
  • You must know the name of the computer where you want to copy the files. If you don’t know this name, ask someone who uses that computer, or go to the other computer yourself and look it up.
  • On the computer where you want to copy the files, click the Start button. In the Search box, type two backslash (\\) followed by the name of the computer to which you want to copy the files (for example, \\mylaptop), and then press ENTER.
  • It will ask you the computer’s name and password to connect, soon after entering the proper credentials you will be able to see the shared files and folders.
  • Open the folder on the other computer where you want to copy the files or folders.
  • Open the location on this computer that contains the file or folder you want to copy.
  • Drag the file or folder you want to copy to the location on the other computer.

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