Transfer data from Blackberry 10 to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

By | September 19, 2014
Blackberry Z30

Blackberry Z30

So, are you planning to put the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus in your pocket. Its difficult to switch from one handset to another, no matter you have created backup or have all the data ready to save on another device, here I came with a tutorial that helps you transfer all your important documents and daily used files, notes and more from Blackberry to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus that has been launched last week with latest iOS 8 mobile operating system.

Apple with its new iPhone flagship has added tons of new features along with latest hardware which is worth to get. I hope you have seen the specs and features of Apple iPhone 6, else if you can visit this link to see the best iOS 8 features and interface you will get with your latest iPhone 6.

Apart from talking more about the features and specs of iPhone and iOS 8, let’s get into the tutorial to get stuffs like contacts, notes, calender and more directly from Blackberry 10 to iPhone 6 through cloud services.

If you have been using any of the cloud service to store all your stuffs then easily you can migrate them to any smartphone coming these days. iPhone 6 also supports cloud sync that makes your task even easier.

Suppose if you use Gmail then easily you can sync Calender, Contacts and more. However, the Facebook, Mail and Twitter are the main sources to get all the contacts within few clicks.  Just install the latest apps and go through the settings and tap Update Settings.

If the above suggestion or guide is not fit for you or you haven’t updated the data to cloud services, here we have another offline method allows you make a complete backup using the Blackberry link app that you can easily transfer to iPhone 6 after getting it. Lets go through the steps to get the work done in minutes.

Transfer data from Blackberry 10 to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

  1. Connect your Blackberry device to your PC via USB cable.
  2. Now download the Blackberry Link (If you don’t have it on your PC)
  3. Under the Synchronization section, you will see an Arrow tab. Tap it to begin sync process.
  4. Select either Outlook, Windows or Mac Contacts from the drop-down menu and click OK.
  5. Again get back to Step 3 and select sync option for calender.
    Note: Remember what you pick here – it’s what you’ll need to restore from iTunes later.
    Also: If you want to backup all you movies, video and songs as well, then in the same section you will see option to sync them as well.
  6. Go thorough the same step and do that.

If you’ve got iTunes, Outlook, and iPhoto hooked up to the data you have saved on your BlackBerry, this should be must easy to follow:

  1. Download and install iTunes if you haven’t already. You’ll also need to sign up for an Apple ID if you don’t have one.
  2. Ensure iTunes has scanned and registers as much of your media to transfer as possible.
  3. Power on your new iPhone, and log in with your Apple ID.
  4. Follow the set-up instructions and sync with iTunes over either Wi-Fi or USB.