How to Transfer Data from Android Tablet to iPad


Are you Switching from Android tablet to Apple iPad. And wants all your data which, stored in the Android tablet to transfer to your Apple iPad. Or you just want to transfer your contacts, calendars, movies, music, and more onto your new iPad, I can help you with this article and here it is

There are many ways available to Transfer Data from Android Tablet to iPad-

First Method

Start with your Android tablet or phone in hand and complete the following steps:

  1. First of all you have to launch the Contacts app.
  2. Now you have to hit the Menu button.
  3. And then find the Import/Export option and select it.
  4. Noe you have to choose the option to export your contacts to storage.
  5. Now either manually pull it from your phone to your computer or email it to yourself.
  6. Once you have got the file containing your contacts you can either open it in the Contacts app on your Mac or upload it to

How to Transfer Data from Android Tablet to Ipad

Second Method

Y0u can use the Cloud service which available in both the platform which makes your data backup in the cloud and you can access your data anywhere at any time. One of the best Cloud services here

The Dropbox is available for both Android and iOS and provide an automatic upload feature for images. If you enable this on your existing Android device, getting your photos to your new iPad Air or Retina iPad mini is as simple as downloading and signing into the Dropbox for iOS app. The Dropbox cloud service is absolutely free.

Except that the Google Drive option is also available, which is available in both the Platform and offered huge space for storage on the Cloud and it is also free.

Third Method

If  you don’t use the above method, then this method is made for and you can easily use them. There are lots of apps are available the Google Play Store which can transfer your data in the cross platform based device also. And these apps are available in both the eco-system. Here you can get an app which is a helpful for you.

File Transfer Pro

The File Transfer Pro is a paid app which available in the Play Store at a price of $2.5o. It is the easiest, fastest way to send and receive files and folders from other smartphones, tablets, and computers. File Transfer works cross-platform on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android. File Transfer is not a cloud. Files are transferred directly on your local network. No need to upload your files to the Internet, then download them on any device. It is compatible with Android 2.3.3 to higher variants of Android 4.4.4 also.

This app doesn’t require any configuration, you no need to enter an address to connect. The devices are automatically discovered and after that you have to select the  files and they are transferred to your devices and computers in seconds. Without USB cable. You can download the app from here!