We Transfer Android app lets users to send files up to 10 GB for free


Everything you have stored on your computers takes up the data and everything we used to share it with others through the social networks. We Transfer app can help you that and it is far from only one that can, but its forgiving the file limit make it a fascinating option. Here you just need to select the photos and videos which you want to share using share button, add your friend’s email addresses and share the files up to 10 GB.

To share the files you don’t need to signup for the account and transfer the files easily. For every transfer, the apps asks for your email address and the recipient’s and add the short note to go along with the file. The recipient receives an email link with the download link of a file and enjoy the inspiring backgrounds during the transfer.



  • Tap on the files to select
  • Tap and hold for few seconds to preview the photos and videos
  • Tap first and double tap the next to select the range
  • Supports double finger swipe to scroll between the months
  • Triple finger swipe to scroll to bottom
  • Share file from anywhere in the OS through the Android’s share button
  • Option to pause your transfer and resume it later

This service is wrapped away behind the Android share menu and you can access when you need it. The app is very slick and as your file uploads various backgrounds will appear to keep your eyes looking at something more than slowly moving bar.

No registration is required, but if you want to store and keep track of your downloads then for this you need to upgrade to plus account for $120 for year.

Download We Transfer Android app