Toyota unveils a tiny adorable robot “Kirobo Mini” for your car



Toyota has unveiled a new tiny and adorable robot called Kirobo Mini, which will give you company while traveling. This 10cm tall robot from Toyota is a part of the Toyota Heart Project, which according to the car company is “vision of a future where humans and artificial intelligence work together for a better world.”

According to Toyota, this tiny robot is made for consumers and is a “high communication companion,” which will respond to you by either talking or with gesture after detecting your emotions. This robot is small enough to sit in your car’s cupboard. This robot will also offer you some tips when needed.

This Kirobo robot comes with a small built-in camera, which allows this robot to know about your mood. With this project, Toyota hopes to analyze the driver’s behaviors and use it to some other future technologies, which need to know about the mood of the drivers.

Toyota is also planning to integrate this technology into the company’s car, which will offer some tips like which route should you take, which place you should visit, types of music you should listen. All these tips will be given based on the driver’s mood.

According to Toyota, people spends an average of 4.3 years of their lives in cars, which is equal to the three times of the time taken while travelling to moon. Due to this company believes that it can learn a lot about the mood of a person in the car. Depending on the success of Toyota’s tiny robot, the company will decide on its future.