Toyota collaborates with MIT and Stanford for AI research

By | September 6, 2015


Artificial Intelligence has become very important these days, almost every large company is working on it to use for various purposes. Now Toyota has announced that it is partnering with MIT and Stanford for its own Artificial Intelligence researches. The main aim of this collaboration is to make an advanced AI for vehicles that can make driving safer.

On Friday, the automaker giant announced that the company in association with MIT and Stanford is going to create two joint research centers and it hired Dr. Gill Pratt (former DARPA Program Manager) to lead the research. The company is expected to invest more than $50 million for next five years period.

Pratt said that they are planning to make the driving safe and eliminate the highway crashes without eliminating the real fun of driving. Kiyotaka Ise, a Senior Managing Officer at Toyota said, “We believe this research will transform the future of mobility, improving safety, reducing traffic congestion, and raising quality of life for everyone,”

Fe-Fe Li of Stanford and Daniela Rus of MIT, the lead researchers from University said that the main focus of this AI research is on safety, reports Rus said that the researcher’s team would be working on the cars, which will watch your backs. Pratt said that the company has plan for other investments too.