TouchRetouch for Windows Phone, remove unwanted objects of your images


TouchRetouch is the award winning and handy photography app for Windows Phone, designed to help you to remove the unwanted content from your photos. Whether it may be a freckle on someone’s portrait or any disturbing tree limb that has snuck into the frame and TouchRetouch can get rid of them more quickly and conveniently.

Photo editor lacks some of the additional photo editing tools such as crop, exposure, filters, adjustments and more, but does the decent job of automatically removing the unwanted content or objects from your images. The controls in the app are very simple  and are straightforward.

TouchRetouch main menu is minimal and includes the options to select an image to edit, an option to view two video tutorials and view the about screen and links to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter as well as share the app. Opening the photo will take you to the Windows Phone pictures hub where you can select the photo to edit and whatever you want to do. Editing screen has the options to return to the home page.



  • Unlimited edit, undo/redo options
  • Smart image background recovery techniques
  • Built-in video tutorials
  • Easy to use interface
  • No distortions in the final output
  • 1:1 view
  • Finger move hint

The app features the button in the upper area of the editing screen which allow you to toggle between the before/after view of your image. Removing the object of an image is very easy and you can use the Lasso or Brush tool to highlight the content of the object which you want to remove. While you zoom into the photo to make the more precise selection, a small window appears in the upper left corner of the screen and provides you zoomed view of the area which you are selecting.

Once you have removed everything then the Export button at the top of the screen will provide the option to save the edited image back to the pictures hub or share it through the different ways available on your Windows Phone.

Download TouchRetouch for Windows Phone