[How to]Stream YouTube videos from Windows Phone to Xbox One


Unfortunately, Windows Phone users doesn’t have an official YouTube application, but at the same time there are some third party apps available. Tubecast is one of those third party application which you should definitely install it. It has an fascinating feature which allow you to cast the videos from your Windows Phone on to Xbox One. Here I am going to explain how to stream YouTube videos from Windows Phone.


Tubecast app has a pretty good user interface which you should check it even if you don’t like YouTube videos. Its layout for the titles, thumbnails and descriptions are good looking and the icon present on the right side is one which allow you to stream or cast the video to your Xbox One. This works on both devices which are on the same Wi-Fi network. It also works with the Chromecast and other devices which supports the UPNP/DLNA protocol. TVs which released in recent times and the Smart TVs are also supported.

Tubecast app features a cast button and after tapping on it, it will show the list of devices. Now tap on the Xbox One device or any other device to which you want to cast and the selected video will start playing on that device. Depending on the device to which you cast, you can control the volume and playhead. You would have noticed a number present on the cast button.

Tubecast app ia available for free from the Windows Phone Store, but the free version is limited to 20 casts only. Paid version of this app is also available, you need to pay $1.99 to cast as many videos you want.

Download Tubecast from Windows Phone Store