Toshiba’s Aiko Chihira lands at the retail stores

Aiko Chihira

No matter what technology we discuss about, Japan does stand out in some or the various fields. In another innovative move recently, Toshiba just installed Aiko Chihira, the greeting robot, in Tokyo’s Mitsukoshi department store.

Aiko Chihira

Aiko Chihira, the robot who looks like a Japanese girl will be able to guide you through the store, tell you directions and maybe even help you with finding the right product. However, the robot can not answer back to your question, so yelling at it for obvious reasons will leave you even more frustrated, however, the robot is capable of understanding spoken and signed language.

Toshibs’s first attempt to build the robot might not be as successful as Softbank’s pepper, however, it comes as a big time saver for a lot of people. At least it will not let you get lost in the store.

Author: Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan, popularly known as Kiddo in surroundings is a teenage entrepreneur and a public speaker. He loves to explore new places, taste new dishes, make new friends and read awesome content. +KunwarPrithvi