Toshiba shown off first SD Card with enabled NFC

By | January 8, 2015


There is no doubt that technology has gone to another level, we have already seen many outstanding innovations so far at ongoing Consumer Electronic Show in Barcelona and this post also about one of the awesome innovations shown by Toshiba, the first SD Card with Enabled NFC. NFC is basically a sensor kind chip that allows you make payments, scan details and more easily, just take the NFC enabled device near to the supported gadget and you are done.

Toshiba at CES launches three SD card with enabled NFC of same features but different in sizes, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB SD card. The Card basically stores the NFC scanned data that you will have to capture through the camera then just plug out the sd card and connect it will the PC to get the full NFC access. However, it seems a pretty complex one but apart from that, Toshiba has also announced a WiFi enabled SD card which seems more promising that the NFC one.

Toshiba’s Flash Air III allows you share images, videos and other saved data on the SD card directly to your Android and iOS devices through WiFi. Many advanced camera devices are offering this awesome WiFi Direct sharing out of the box but getting the same feature for Android and iOS is quite surprising and interesting too.

According to the Toshiba at the CES, the NFC enabled SD card of all three different storage variant will go on sale starting February but there is no price detail for now. While the¬†Toshiba’s Flash Air III will go on sale starting March at just $79.99.

Author: Galvin Carter

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