Torquing Group shuts down ZANO min-drone projects



ZANO mini-drone project that has raised a record amount money is going to shut down. The company had raised highest amount from its Kickstarter that was held earlier this year. Their mini-drone project was very impressive and the company had made lots of promises. But it looks like the dream of owning one of the mini drones is not going to be reality to all the backers.

The Torquing Group is going to shut down the nano-drone project, because the company didn’t have much of the choice between internal conflicts and delays, as its CEO has resigned earlier this month due to health problem and “irreconcilable differences.”

The startup behind this project is getting in touch with the backers, but it seems rare that you’ll get your money back if you have signed the pledge. When any people back some crowd funding project, they are investing in that product not getting guarantee of purchasing that particular product.

This clearly shows the failure of Torquing group in executing the plan and expectations. The startup was always optimistic about the shipment timing, though the company had explained the detailed production process. This is certainly a sad news for all the folks, who have backed this project and expecting a nano-drone delivery.