Top10 Websites to learn Java online

By | June 12, 2014

Many people are interested to became a java programmer to get a good job in the Big company with a Handsome Salary. Most of them is aware of the Java if not don’t worry. Java is a computer programming language and specially designed to have the as few implementation dependencies possible. Originally java is developed by the James Gosling at sunmicrosystems which has merged in to Oracle. Initially the Java was released as core component of sun MicroSystems Java platform.

Even now a days some students became crazy to develop their own applications and Games to their Smartphones. Are you looking to improve knowledge in coding language we came to right place. This post gives you the Top 10 Websites to learn Java Online, even though to find the best rated websites is difficult. Quality is the key factor for the Good website.

In the below content I will suggest you the best resources for you, only thing you need to do is practice the tutorials on the mentioned websites below. Suppose if your searching for a job as Java developer you simply follow these websites which provides news, Answers to the popular questions, interview asked Questions with answers. Follow the below websites to learn Java online.

Stack Over

Stack over Flow website is the most popular site in the programming world. In this website there are millions of Answers to the Questions which will help to gain Knowledge. Learning an API or a programming with example, This websites has lot of code segments. Another good thing in this web site stack Over Flow is that it is Social. You can also view questions under certain tags for example java and regex. you can see the questions in the most frequently asked Questions and most voted one too Which can serve good source for learning. To visit the Stack Over Flow website Click Here

If interview question is java specific, like “what array look like in memory in Java”, you can get answers from Java websites. However, if the question is something like “how to convert an sorted array to a balanced tree”, then leetcode is the right place to go. It is a social platform for preparing IT technical interviews and contains a collection of algorithm related questions. The best part is that it also has an online judge which can check if your code is correct or not by feeding different size of data. To be successful in a technical interview, they believe it is mainly repeating these three important steps. for more details Click the Link.

This website is good for the beginner who is interested to learn java programming, Where this site consists of huge number of java tutorials with excellent examples. In this website they made separate options for the beginners. Even with this site there are link to some other websites where you can learn advanced topics of Java.If you are willing to visit this website Click Here.

This the website to find all the topics regarding  Java which includes Java app, Java for beginners, opensource Java and many more. This site has various and huge member of tutorials. A lot of article as well as pictorial diagrams for the purpose of easy understanding. For more reference visit the site

Java SE Technical Documentation

This website contains all documents you will need to use API of Java SE. You can find the lot of materials and many topic related to the Java.Even if you are an advanced level Java developer, I am sure that you will find something useful and official here. For example, you can read some tutorials of Essential Java Classes, Deployment and many more. If you interested to visit this site Click Here.


Coursera is the website to view the videos lectures, Even you can find the Advance Java video lectures as well as Core Java videos given by a experienced Java programmers. Even you can find a lot of good computer science courses from famous professors of top schools. Some of them are even the inventor of some computer science areas.

This is also a best website to learn Java online. is the website especially for the beginners which gives you basic fundamentals of Java and makes you to learn easy. This website has lot of tutorials with suitable examples. Similar to the website Java beginner this also exits with Huge materials.

I can say this is also a Good website with quality tutorials as well as perfect examples. Many members of Java developers share their blog articles. Its like an adventure how to start Java in this website. But for the experience candidates it is very useful to clear their doubts


eThis is also an website to learn Java, When compare to the other websites this is bit smaller and the good thing is that this site provides the Quality materials and tutorials which helps you to learn Java. You can find some topics that haven’t been written by any other websites, and each of the articles always contains nice diagram or code examples.


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