Top websites to learn python online


Python is most widely used General purpose high level programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes and code is in the form of text easily understandable. The syntax of the language allows the developer to express the concepts in fewer lines of code. Actually the programming language is conceived in late 80’s and its implementation was started in the year 1989 December by Guido Van Rossum at CWI at Netherlands as a successor to  ABC language capable of exception Handling and interfacing with Amoeba Operating System.

In the year 2000 16th October enhanced version Python 2.o was released with a new features including a full Garbage collector with unicode later in the year 2008 next version was released on 3rd December 2008 python 3.o also called as python3000 or PY3K. Initially many programmers started their career with Python language in 90’s.

Many programmers are interested to learn the python because of the features like simple, Reading a python language feels like reading English language. Easy to learn, Free and open source, portable, High level language, Interpreted,  Object oriented, Extensible, Embraceable, Extension libraries.

Over past decade this language became popularity among the programmers in all areas of coding. Even web developer to video game designers in to house tool creators many people are showing interest to learn this language. To learn Python language there are many online websites and also courses. This post bring you top websites to learn python online. Follow the below websites to learn python.

Official Python Tutorial

The best thing of this website is that it moves slowly and drilling specific concepts in to your head which makes you easy under standing.The website formatting is simple and pleasing to the eye, which just makes the whole experience that much easier.


If you have a background in programming, the official Python tutorial may be too slow and boring for you. If you’re a brand newbie, you’ll likely find it to be an invaluable resource in your journey. Click Here to visit website

Dive into Python

The tutorials in this website is awesome for beginners who has no experience who have little or no experience with programming. The very first part of the tutorial walks you through the steps necessary to set up a Python interpreter on your computer, which can be very difficult for first timers.


There is one drawback to this website it may to dive in too quickly. If you can’t keep up, then visit some of the other websites in this list until you have a better grasp of the language, then come back and try this one again. If interested click Here to visit website.

Try Python


This website is not like previous one, Entirely different from others Try Python is great in that the website itself has a built-in Python interpreter. This means you can play around with Python coding right on the websiteeliminating the need for you to muck around and install interpreters on your system. Click the link to visit this site.

Learn Python

Similar to Try python website Learn python is also built-in interpreter right on the website as well as a tutorial series to go alongside of it.Learn Python is a little more basic, which means newbies will be able to keep up with the lessons and feel less intimidated by the material. And unlike TryPython, LearnPython includes programming exercises at the end of each lesson. These lessons serve to solidify the knowledge you gain and make sure that you truly understand what you’ve learned. Click here to go website.


This website is designed  to help you in your learning of Python Programming Language. The website comes with 3 main sections which includes learning python, practice sections, and challenges. learning section will provide you with links to resources on learning Python Programming. Practices section comes with small exercises to allow you to apply what you have learnt and the final one challenges allows you to have fun and compete against other programmers Click Here to visit website.

Byte of python

Actually this a book, you will find every thing here including tutorials with suitable example, Especially I like the how it teaches you by showing the input and out put s before how it works. Click the LINK to see the Book

Learn python the hard way

This is also as book type tutorial, The easiest way to learn python is complete the book. Similar to the Byte of python, learn python the hard way. Click here to go through the Book.

Begin Python

The main aim of this website is to help the beginners who are going to learn Python language, we believe that the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty and typing the code straight way, we adopt a price based learning approach to learning programming. Similar to pyschools this web site also has the three sections namely learning, Practice and challenges.