Top websites to host a Podcast


The popularity of Podcasting has been increasing day by day and every one now a days seems to have their own podcast or at least thinking of having one. Owing a podcast is a good idea but finding a host for your podcast is not that easy. The size of your podcast can determine the best host for your podcast and also it is somehow tricky in choosing the best host for your podcast.

First having the own website is the first step to get your podcast hosted, but all the websites are not good hosts for podcast and other media. Many websites that host podcast will have strict rules and ban the users from storing large files as they bog down their servers and hence there is the need of separate hosts dedicated to podcast.

Here I am listing top websites to host a podcast.



It is one of the most popular and well known podcast hosts and this website will host any format of media you upload, including audio and video files.  is little slow and replacing the media after it is uploaded is impossible. It is a solid free host which offers the plenty of embedding options.

2.  SoundCloud


SoundCloud allows the users to upload and share the mp3 files with everyone. It is primarily targeting the musicians, but it can also be the best service host to your podcasts. You need to signup for some cloud after signing up you will get your personal profile with dedicated URL. When anyone access your profile they will see what you have uploaded and they can share it on the social networks and re-post it on their SoundCloud profiles and are added to their personal profiles.

It offers free as well as paid plans and the prices are pretty reasonable. However free version has certain limitations, but the pro version will let you know who exactly listened to your podcast and other important stats.


ourmedia-screenshot is the completely free podcast host offered by the non profit organisation. It doesn’t have the limited file bandwidth allowing the unlimited number of listeners to your podcasts. This site is quite fast and the uploads are fast as well. They will scan your file to find anything inappropriate and if it find anything wrong then it won’t allow.

4. Amazon S3


Amazon S3 is the podcast hosting service from Amazon anamazon_s3d if you willing to pay the price for your hosting then Amazon S3 is great because it offers the quality podcast hosting for lower price when compared to the other paid hosting services. It also has a free plan also with a limit of 5 GB and a limit of 20,000 get requests.

The main drawback with this service is the monthly charge will increase as your subscribers increase. The charges also increases the podcast episodes increase and the service will also host any kind of media as well.

5. Libsyn


Libsyn have been the pioneers in the podcasting industry and it has been serving the podcast community since 2004. Still now it has hosted more than ten thousand podcasts and more than 18 million monthly visitors. It has recorded 1.6 billion podcast downloads in 2011. The lowest price plan is only $5 per month and offers 50 GB bandwidth every month and making this hosting service definitely one check out.

6. Podomatic


It is the another free podcast host which has the easiest user interfaces currently available. It also offers the free account option and with the free account you will get the  15 GB bandwidth every month and also 500 GB overall storage which will be enough for the monthly casual podcast. Users can also create the podcasts directly on the site and it takes a longer for the media to upload.

7. Buzzsprout


Buzzsprout podcast hosting service offers both the free and paid accounts. It offers the free seddling plan and temporarily host the podcast for 90 days and also let the files as long as 2 hours to be uploaded for every month. If your podcast more timely then buzzsprout service may work for you. It will also offer a plan which costs $12 per month and allows your podcasts to be stored indefinitely.

These are the some best podcast hosting services where you will get the quality service. There are so many other podccast hosting services which you can have a look.