Top Medical Apps on Windows Phone to Keep you Healthy



Spilling over a cell phone inside for a considerable length of time viewing videos, playing games, and messaging can have unfavorable affects on health. At the same time you’re on your phone, so you should look in on your physical health with this list of top Apps on Windows Phone to Keep you Healthy . Some of these apps will help you discover and comprehend pharmaceuticals, while others work to diagnose your symptoms or show you how to be more effective in a emergency. These applications can make you more educated, yet shouldn’t replace a specialist for medical advice or calling for help in case of an emergency.

If you have Windows Phone and looking to get some health monitoring apps on your phone then read this post to get the best one. It is not possible to list all the apps of Windows Phone but I have tried my level best to put the best one.

Top Medical Apps on Windows Phone to Keep you Healthy

Health & Fitness


Calorie, step & GPS activity tracking, symptom checker, workout videos and great articles from trusted sources and experts to help you stay fit and healthy. You can set your daily calorie goal, record what you eat and get nutritional details for over 300,000 foods. Grab from hundreds of exercises and workouts with step-by-step guide, videos and images. Use the GPS tracker to measure distance, pace and calories burned while you run, record your time, and do other outdoor activities as well.

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Sleep is one of the most reviewed Windows Phone app in health and fitness section helps you to get nice sleep. If you love to work late at night then I am sure this app will sure help you out. As we all know good sleep is very necessary to stay fit and healthy always. Sleep is basically a sound mixer that combines 19 soothing base sounds with accompanying accent sounds to offer you with a good nights sleep. Just pin your favorite base sounds to the start screen by long pressing the tile for quick access to your favorite soothing sounds!, the app is totally ads free.

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Mobile First Aid


First Aid will offer quick guide about how you can help someone before paramedics arrive. You can study the details so you know it before someone is in need, or pull out the app before stepping in to help. On the first page, you can choose from a list of emergencies that you can take and it will walk you through what you should do. It also includes a button to call for help.


  • 100% Free
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) algorithm compliant with European Resuscitation Council guidelines
  • User localization with street address (where available)
  • Easy to use and no medical skills required
  • Built-int First Aid manual

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Test Your Eyes


A handy app for Windows Phone user to check their eyes very easily using this app. Most eye tests are conducted in a doctor’s clinic by an eye specialist or by an ophthalmic assistant. But using this app on Windows Phone you can take basic eye tests using anywhere. Keep in mind that these tests are NOT a medical diagnosis, and it is important that you see your eye care professional on a regular basis. Using this at least you can check if there is any vision problem or not.

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BMI Calculator


BMI Calculator is an easy to use tool to calculate your body, mass, index and get whether you are normal, underweight or obese. Keeping track of your BMI is an efficient way to know your health condition on the go. If you are really health conscious then I will suggest you to use at least once, I am sure you won’t feel regret installing this app.

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As you know to cover almost all the health and fitness app here is not possible but still I have listed some other medical and health app that might help you out in need.